So last our Dodge 2500 truck got keyed by some assholes. I can’t even begin to explain how god damned disgusted I am with people these days. Its sad we can’t leave anything out anymore and trust its safe without someone coming and defacing it. If I ever fucking find these no good cuntscab assholes, they’re dead. I promise you this. My parents worked so hard and so long for this beautiful truck, they went through so much, and for what, just to have this shit happen? Disgraceful. I know my sister said this on her post so I’m going to stress it again. IF ANY OF YOU WHO ARE FOLLOWING ME DO THIS SHIT TO OTHERS, FIND IT HILARIOUS TO VANDALIZE PEOPLE’S PROPERTY THAT THEY WORKED SO HARD FOR, FUCKING UNFOLLOW ME NOW. I FIND YOU DISGUSTING AND A DISGRACE. 

Happy FUCKING Halloween.


Anonymous said: cute pic

Why thank ya !


Anonymous said: you know pauly unstoppable is gay right? And that pokemon tattoo/implant piece was his boyfriend. lol

Thats nice. 

Was hoping the endless anxiety attacks would stop…

Welp, I got my hopes up once again… Good night everyone.

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